Why Join the PRSA?

Seven Great Reasons to Join PRSA of the Capital Region

1. Stay Competitive—PRSA members have access to expert case studies, ethical decision-making guidelines, workshops and events with the top communications professionals working today. PRSA members also receive the monthly Tactics newspaper and The Strategist quarterly magazine, delivering executive-level insight. These resources help PRSA members apply proven best practices and emerging concepts to everyday tasks and challenges. PRSA members are able to improve skills and stay current on the latest tricks of the trade without extensive travel, training time or expenses.

2. Extend Network and Reach—PRSA Capital Region members include independent practitioners, Marketing, Communications and PR managers, business owners and industry professionals at all levels of experience. Our non-competitive community of professionals allows members to share leads, ideas, best practices and experiences.

3. Land Clients—The PRSA Capital Region can help members make the case for PR—and for their services. PRSA programs teach members to track progress, measure results, improve pitches and much more. PRSA’s national RFP Exchange allows members to search and post your own RFPs to grow your business opportunities.

4. Earn an APR Certification—Local PRSA members interested in earning their Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) certification have access to reference books and peer guidance from PRSA Capital Region. An APR degree is a valuable addition to any CV, demonstrating a high level of knowledge of communications theory and its applications.

5. Build a Better Resume—Joining the PRSA adds instant credibility to a resume and gives you access to more than 100 PR, Communications and Marketing professionals in the area. PRSA members adhere to a Code of Ethics that helps them maintain the highest professional standards, principles and practice guidelines.

6. Low-Cost Educational and Social Opportunities—PRSA Capital Region members have access to deeply discounted members-only webinars and training sessions, as well as volunteering, educational and networking opportunities.

7. Online Resources—MyPRSA.com lets members access and manage benefits including directories and online discussion forums. PRSA’s Jobcenter helps members find new opportunities through employment listings, job alerts and professional career advice. Members also receive PRSA’s Issues and Trendsdaily newsfeed, both of which deliver high-level information on emerging trends and industry-specific updates.

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