Surprise and Delight – a Steakhouse Story

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By Kathleen Kirvin
Director of Business Development and Communications, Couch White, LLP
Director at Large, PRSA Capital Region

I recently attended a social media conference in NYC (Social Media Forum: Beyond the Basics – Integrated Social Media Marketing for Law Firms, by The Hildebrandt Institute and West LegalEdcenter). One of the biggest takeaways from this conference: how are you/your business communicating with clients/potential clients and leaving a lasting impression?

Have you heard of Peter Shankman? He was the keynote speaker and as always (I’ve seen him now four times at various social media-themed conferences/events) gave quite the dynamic presentation. He mentioned a recent customer experience with one of his favorite restaurants, Morton’s The Steakhouse. Later in the day, Jillian Beard, the regional marketing manager for Morton’s, participated as a panelist and gave us the same story from her perspective. She gave us insight into how we might have a similar experience with our customers/clients/potential clients. Just because we don’t sell steaks doesn’t mean we can’t deliver our version of a steak goody bag… she called it a surprise and delight scenario.

What’s your version of a surprise and delight scenario? How do you engage with your customers/clients/potential clients in a unique and memorable way? How are you setting yourself/your company apart from the competition?

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