2nd Russian PR Pro Looks for Internship

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Well, it looks like with your help, the capital region will be welcoming two seasoned Russian PR practitioners this year.

From our friends at the Albany-Tula Alliance:

Both Sergey and Tatiana are seeking, independent of each other, a chance to work – unpaid — for two weeks for an American PR agency (Sergey) or at an American nonprofit (Tatiana).

Neither individual will come unless we can find an appropriate internship for them. Both are working PR professionals in Moscow who would like to learn more about practicing PR in the U.S.  Both will pay their own way and the Albany-Tula Alliance will assist with housing and transportation while they are here.

Sergey would like to come this year and is most readily available in August or September. He will need a letter of invitation from the Albany-Tula Alliance or the hiring organization in order to get his visa.  He is also helping us (pro bono) with publicizing Albany’s sister-city relationship in Tula, Russia, where he lives, and in creating a series of videotaped interviews for our “Memory Project” to be displayed at the Arts Center of the Capital Region from Sept 7 to 22nd.

Tatiana already has her visa and can come anytime in the next 18 months.

PRSA member Jan Smith can provide additional details, a resume and assist in setting up a Skype interview with either candidate. You can reach her at contact@albanytula.org or calling (518) 312-3862.

The Albany-Tula Alliance is a non-profit, citizen volunteer organization that fosters relationships and exchanges with our sister city, Tula, in the fields of business, education, science, health care, and the arts.

MikeLesczinski Communications Director, PRSA – Capital Region<