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By Alicia Jacobs
Membership Chair, PRSA Capital Region

I guess “power” is on my mind after returning from Solar Power International, one of the largest renewable energy trade shows in theUnited States. Power up is more than an expression about turning an electric device on. It is something people do to prepare for meetings, presentations, to make communication timely, relevant and faster. Power up is putting your “A” game on and being ready. 

Everyday we are bombarded with messages as technology is ever changing. The internet has changed the way we do business, along with smart phones, blogs, Facebook, Linked In, You Tube, Google, Video Chats with photo capabilities on both cell phones and computers. The days of meeting in person, sending a fax, or making a phone call are “old school”. Once in a while “old school” becomes special and less impersonal.

The conference was a good reminder of the impact power has on our methods of communication. One example was a developing story during the show that was a major announcement.

“U.S. Solar Companies File Lawsuit Against Chinese Panel makers and Cell Manufacturers”

Just as this was announced, I Googled it and there it was… newly posted from a media outlet on the wires. What happened to the day of bringing a story back to a press room with gaps of time to get it to print? Today, all information is seemingly at our finger tips. The trick is to disseminate it quickly and accurately with photos and images. Welcome to technology and power!

The trade show was another reminder of what the media needs. Facts, information, technology, trends, visuals, and thought leaders. As a communicator, are you powered up?

Below are some reminders for the checklist.

  • Prepare elevator speeches in advance for potential first time encounters with prospective clients
  • Company shirts or logos that reveal the corporate culture
  • Exhibits that have the wow factor
  • Marketing materials and flair with tag lines
  • Multilanguage or multicultural appeal to show international presence 

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