Upcoming February PRSA Webinars

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Below are the February webinars free to PRSA members:

Have a Conversation
Webinar, On-Demand Available Feb. 27
Techniques & Tactics
A great talk is the most powerful way to persuade people, to excite them, to encourage them and to energize them. Find out about the strategies unlocking business success through a “talk” that resonates with the audience.
Best Practices for the 24/7 PR Industry
Webinar, On-Demand Available Feb. 28
Leadership & Management
We all try to have the best in both our workplace and personal lives. What’s the work-life fit reality when you work in the 24-7 public relations industry?
Learn Techniques and Skills to Get Prepared for Your Worst Day
Webinar, On-Demand Available March 4
Social Media
Find out how you communicate critical information before, during and after a crisis, when the media can’t reach you and you’re holding on by a thread without electricity or other modern conveniences.
Webinar, On-Demand Available March 6
Build brands with public relations insights and strategies. Create a significant brand experience that will deepen emotion and drive engagement.

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