QR Meets PR

For years now, we’ve been sending reporters press releases driving them to web landing sites for the pitch where they can also find logos, photos, videos, audio, etc. But getting there always required a little effort and commitment on their behalf. We’ve been looking for ways to effortlessly connect with reporters whose time and attention span is almost nonexistent.

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10 Tips For Writing with Clarity

1. Use an active voice rather than a passive voice, strong rather than weak words.

In an active sentence, the subject is doing the action. In passive voice, the target of the action is the subject, and the focus is changed. When you have a choice, choose a strong word, which is generally more specific, over a weaker one.

2. Don’t misplace or dangle modifiers.

Modifiers are a single word (an adjective or adverb) or a phrase or clause describing other words (nouns or verbs) or groups of words.

3. Get to the point quickly.

Often, readers will only take the time to read the first few sentences.

4. More is not always better.

Using more words does not always improve clarity, but often has the opposite effect.

5. Avoid jargon.

Using industry jargon often leads to confusion and misunderstanding.

6. Punctuation matters.

Despite the relaxed use of punctuation in email and texting, it still matters a great deal.

7. Know when to use “that” or “which.”

Use “that” when it begins a clause that is absolutely necessary to limiting what precedes it. Use “which” when the clause that follows provides additional but not essential information.

8. Be careful with homophones.

A homophone is a word that shares the same sound with another word has a different meaning.

9. Parallel structure keeps things balanced.

Parallel structure involves using the same pattern of words to show that two or more ideas have the same level of importance.

10. Proofreading is a must!

Always re-read what you have written to ensure there are no typos, grammatical mistakes or violations of the previous nine tips.

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Effectively Writing for Social Media Age Attention Spans

This session will cover basic guidelines (including eliminating rambling sentences and writing with an active voice), how to present a compelling and succinct perspective for an op-ed or letter to the editor and how to make the most of social media tools – do u know how 2 present a polished and professional message to a digital audience?

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Member Only Event: Demonstrating the Business Value of PR

For this special event for CHAPTER MEMBERS ONLY, attendees will have an opportunity to join other capital region professionals at the Rensselaer Chamber of Commerce for a viewing of a one-hour webinar entitled “Demonstrating the Business Value of PR,” put on by PRSA National.

The normal cost of this one-hour webinar is $150 for chapter members. But you’ll be able to watch with others for just $10 bucks.

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Oh, The Perks of a PRSA Membership!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been grappling over ways to boost the value of a PRSA chapter membership. One of our first ideas was to find a way to allow more local practitioners access to the educational webinars put on by PRSA National, which can be quite costly – upwards of $150-$250 for the one-hour sessions.

Well, you’re in luck! On March 15, we’ll test drive a webinar viewing session for CHAPTER MEMBERS ONLY

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Preparing for a President

January 21st, 2010 is a day I will never forget. This was the day I got to see a sitting President less than 30 feet away from me.

Even more memorable than January 21st were January 16-20th. These were the 200 most grueling hours of my professional career, and also the most rewarding (see January 21st above).

As part of the GE Energy communications team I had the honor and pleasure of working with some of the most talented communications professionals in the discipline, both from our GE Energy team and the White House.

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